Trust is not built overnight, it is accumulated over repeatedly demonstrating that we ARE OUR WORD. Even the best of us slip on commitments from time to time. A man of integrity deals with the consequences, while a boy will come up with excuses. “It wasn’t in the flow anymore” or “It didn’t feel right today” are common outs that our ego’s come up with to keep us safe in our current level of maturity. Listen in, RISE UP, and become A MAN OF YOUR WORD.

Show Notes:

  • Men who want to make a bold claim, demonstrate raising the bar by making a bold declaration…but often they’re not equipped to back it up
  • Integrity – it’s a word you hear thrown around a lot these days, what does it mean? It measures the reliability of an object, a structure…a human being
  • Every time we say we will do something, we are defining what our reliability is. Can we be trusted to do what we say we will do?
  • Commitments are not composed of words, but, rather, a collection of consistent, sequential actions over time that reinforce a declaration
  • Until we back up declarations with repeated action, they are merely GOALS. Objectives, targets to aim for.
  • Committing is a practice. Something that is learned and embodied through repeated effort. Shaped and defined by a combination of successes and failures
  • Don’t beat yourself up for failing on a commitment…but don’t give yourself a free pass either. Find the middle road.
  • If you break a commitment, you’re not a bad person. But, how you respond is important
  • You have 2 choices: 1) Quit…just straight up give up on your commitment, or 2) Re-COMMIT
  • The world is in dire need of men with integrity

Reflection Questions:

  • Will you write your promises in pencil or chisel them into stone???
  • What does your word REALLY mean?