Most of us have never witnessed the full expression of masculinity, a WILD MAN in his full power. This is not the violent man who harms himself and others or the man who feeds his base desires by operating out of selfish gain. We’re talking about the WILD MAN who is unafraid to express any emotion, including guttural cries of pain and ecstatic screams of joy. This tenacious force has largely been shamed, mocked, and put down by society. But, together we are reclaiming the WILD MAN and allowing him to gift the planet once again. Brother, are you with us?

Show Notes:

THE WILD MAN has gone missing in our modern society, replaced by polished, manicured, good little boys who color inside the lines and play by the rules given to them. Modern man has been neutered into mediocrity by a culture who decided FOR US that our true expression of manhood was too much

  • It’s been beaten out of us
  • Shamed out of us
  • Stereotyped. Mocked. Satirized. Punished.
  • It’s been disciplined into obedience by men and women who were afraid of it. Who didn’t understand that the full expression of masculine energy is as beautiful and alive as it is powerful


The essential masculine contains the raw power and energy to protect and provide for his people

  • The WILD man who embodies this raw, masculine power will go to whatever lengths necessary to protect and provide
  • It’s in our DNA. At one point in time, our WILDNESS is what made us great.
  • It allowed us to ascend the food chain and become the dominant species on this planet
  • It allowed us to protect our families from outside threats, to withstand drought, famine, and disease


But, of all these qualities that have disappeared from the modern man, the one that impacts ALL OF US the most, is man’s ability to express himself

  • The unmistakable joy of victory
  • The guttural cry of grief from loss
  • The ROAR of anger and the bellows of pain
  • Without these expressions, we become ticking time bombs waiting to blow


I’ve talked about this before, early on in the MMM’s, how one of the greatest travesties of man is bottling up our emotions and saving them for a nuclear explosion

  • You’ve heard the story about the family man who one day decides to kill his whole family, and himself, out of “nowhere”
  • These are not BAD men. These are not men who had a secret life that nobody else knew about.
  • These are ordinary men who were never taught how to channel their energy, never given permission to express themselves freely
  • The result…far greater pain and suffering for all of us


What if we encouraged our boys to scream at the top of their lungs, to beat their chests when they felt like it, to wrestle and challenge each other under the watchful eye of uncles, older brothers, and mentors who were there to guide them?

  • Who KNOW when an interruption is necessary?
  • Who KNOW what this boy, this young man is feeling?
  • Who KNOW how to raise one’s energy AND find one’s center again?


My 3-year old son, a bona fide WILD MAN, has reminded me of who I TRULY AM at my core. He reminds me of the WILDNESS that has withered from within me as I settled into to becoming a modern, domesticated man.


  • He BEGS me to meet his wild energy and to help him navigate his way through it
  • On my BEST days, I can rise above my pre-programmed conditioning that tells me to instill obedience and discipline in him
  • On my WORST days, I order him to “calm down”…which later breaks my heart as I can recall so many telling me to do this as a teenager
  • I’m still learning. Definitely not the perfect father. But, one who is committed to raising a young man who has access to his full masculine power and can manage it without harming himself or others.

Reflection Questions:

  • What is the COST of taming this wildness out of our DNA?
  • What if our wildness becomes necessary for our survival again…only we’ve trained it out of our legacy for so long that our sons cannot recapture it?
  • What would we do then?

It’s not too late. It’s still there, buried in our DNA. Part of the untapped percentage of human potential that we’ve determined to be “unnecessary”.

Now is the time for us to responsibly AND unapologetically reclaim the raw, wild, masculine man our people need.