Inspirational ideas for businesses, artwork, and projects come to us frequently, but how often have we followed thru? Jeddy outlines 5 simple steps to turn those dreams into a reality. Don’t let your genius ideas fall by the wayside. This happens because we don’t know where to start. Give them the energy they deserve by following these 5 superpowered steps.

Show Notes:

  • We all have many ideas for projects, businesses, works of art, and products over our lifetime, but how many of those actually receive our full Masculine Power?
  • What is the Masculine Power? Will power, discipline, follow thru, and focus
  • We fail before we begin when we flit from one idea to other without concentrating on one.
  • 5 simple steps:
    • Brain dump: Record the idea completely, explore every thread and possibility. Do this immediately when you have the idea, because it’s difficult to return to that state.
    • Size up Your Target: Choose one mid range, measurable achievable target.
    • Commit: Choose a timeframe that is practical but also edgy. Let at least 5 other people know, for accountability.
    • Draw a plan: Things will change but do your best with the current knowledge at hand. Have someone trustworthy review your plan.
    • Daily Committed Action: It takes a deep connection to your why and initial inspiration to follow thru. Write down what this thing is and do it at the start of your day.
  • Good ideas go by the wayside without proper planning
  • Precision is born from practice.
  • Practice is just a useful substitute for the word failure.