Receiving feedback from family members, friends, and mentors on how we live our lives can be useful and beneficial. However, if we simply submit to their advice without questioning or making it our own, we end up giving away our authority. This episode is about reclaiming our role as the author of our lives, while also respectfully and tactfully listening to feedback. Where are you giving your authority away and what action is required to take it back?

Show Notes:

  • Can you receive feedback without your ego getting in the way?
  • Not every piece of feedback that we are given is necessarily true.
  • “If everyone says it’s true, then it must be true” – we can give our authority away when this is our mentality
  • Finding the middle ground between submitting to what others say about us or totally rejecting it.
  • We can be receptive to all feedback, but ultimately, we choose what is right for us.
  • Whatever we take in, make it uniquely ours.
  • The useful data becomes the words that write the new story
  • We are the authors of our lives! Don’t let others write it for us.


  • Who are you allowing to write your story? It’s often people we hold in high regard – parents, partners, friends, and mentors
  • Why do you choose to give this person authority?
  • What action is required for you to take the authority back?