Fires are rife with life lessons, and Jeddy identifies the 5 most important elements to effectively nurture the flame of life. We like to think we are completely in control of it all, but that’s not so. We need to practice deep listening and patience, in order to know when to add more fuel and energy, and when to let things rest. Being decisive and disciplined with our actions is vital, as too much wood in one place can suffocate the flame. Listen in and take up the natural masculine wisdom that Fire has to offer.

Show Notes:

  • Fire Starters initiate and start projects, while Fire Tenders nurture and continue
  • What does it take to tend a fire? It requires deep listening and putting aside our ego’s.  
  • It might require more wood (more energy and action) or more air (space and nonaction)
  • Tending Fire requires patience – there is such thing as over tending to a fire. You can suffocate the flame or project at hand.
  • It requires humility, as there is great power in the fire element, and we don’t have full control.
  • It requires decisiveness and clarity – you don’t want to stick your hand in the fire for long, and one wrong movement can collapse the stack.
  • We have a role to play but we’re not in charge of EVERYTHING
  • Fast Burn vs. Slow Burn – each type of wood burns differently. To live out our vision for our lives, we need to embody the slow burn lifestyle. This means committed action over a period of time.


  • Reflect on what fires you are tending to
  • Which of the five elements of tending to a fire (Deep Listening, Humility, Patience, Decisiveness, Discipline) are you the best at?
  • Which one do you need to focus on more?
  • What is one measurable action step you can take to improve your fire tending?