Training programs and podcasts can only get us so far. Time spent solitude in complete witness to ourselves is a vital step in becoming a man. These rites of passage give us the opportunity to integrate all the aspects of our being, and then we can move forward along the maturation circle. Have you had a rites of passage experience?

Show Notes:

  • Definition of adult by Bill Plotkin, author of “Nature of the Human Soul”  – Someone who has encountered his soul, retrieved some knowledge of his ultimate place in the world, acquired some practical means for occupying his place among his people, made a commitment to that, and IS DOING IT.
  • Many males look the part but are not meeting this definition.
  • The essence of Vision Fast is to spend time with ourselves and our soul.
  • We need to go into the dark places in order to truly know our whole self.
  • It can’t be done thru training programs, podcasts, or books.


  • Have you had a rite of passage experience?
  • How has that experience, or lack of experience, impacted your life?