A man fully committed to his vision is the first one in, and the last one out. No great master got to where they are now by hiding out on this lesson. To be of service in the highest way, total dedication is needed. This isn’t simply a tip to make us look good, though we will earn a reputation as dependable and reliable. The consequences of NOT showing up early, and leaving late are that we come across as if we don’t care, and we miss vital learning lessons because we simply aren’t there 100%. Listen in, find the strength to go all in on your mission, and RISE UP into complete ownership.

Show Notes:

There are a few things I’ve experienced in my life that were INSTANT connections:

  1. Capoeira – I’ll never forget my first class
  2. Sitting in Ceremony, and the ceremonial ways


When I first began supporting medicine ceremonies, I was introduced to the concept of “showing up early and leaving late”

  • The practical wisdom behind this is that when you show up early to help – whether it’s setting up, cleaning, or other preparation – you get to see how it all works behind the scenes
  • When you stay late, you get to see how it all wraps up


The deeper lesson for me here was who I became when I started to embody this concept I began to become someone dependable, someone that my mentors would call upon to help

  • My commitment to learning and discovery grew, honorably taking on the role of student and being of service the best of my ability
  • Integrity – doing the right thing when no one is watching; I also learned how to be of service WITHOUT needing to be seen in my service or even acknowledged in it

If you want to learn something…and I mean REALLY learn something to the point where you can teach it and pass it on to others, show up early and leave late.

  • There are so many little teachings and discoveries that have happened in conversation for me by simply going the extra mile and spending more time around the people I wanted to learn from
  • Volunteer. Be of service. Practice being helpful AND stepping in to learn and do something new.
  • At the same time, build your sense of commitment, integrity, and dependability while learning about something that lights you up.
  • Everyone has a reputation. So if you’ve got to have one, why not be known as the guy who “shows up early and leaves late”?


  • Choose one thing you are passionate about
  • Next time there is a class, event, or other opportunity to show up, commit to your mentor/teacher/etc. to be the first one to arrive and the last one to leave
  • See what happens to you and to those around you when you show up this way. If it works for you, make another commitment for a longer duration (i.e. showing up to set up class for the next 3 months)