A major part of men’s work is about finding our unique path while on the journey of manhood. At the same time, having a map and guidance is critical to our development. Striking that delicate balance between these two poles is an art form that we are continually practicing. Jeddy lays the foundation for us to succeed by explaining the archetypes of Page, Knight, Prince, and King. Listen in and ask yourself – “Where I am I on this journey?”

Show Notes:

  • Alison Armstrong – expert on manhood and communicating across gender lines. She has mapped some of the stages of development, which may be helpful.
  • Four distinct stages – Page, Knight, Prince, King
  • Page – usually childhood – a man tests the limit, and pushes up against any barriers he finds.
  • Our society discourages this type of wild behavior, which has its consequences
  • Knighthood – typically teenager years – exploring, slaying dragons, having fun
  • Early Prince wants to be a king but doesn’t have the experience and support.
  • Middle Prince is in the midst of finding his vision, providership, and leadership prowess
  • Late Prince – bursts with confidence, but that initial burst of energy dies off and he goes into a deep introspective place. Very similar to a mid-life crisis.
  • King – comes out of the darkness KNOWING WHO HE IS.


  • Where are you in this journey?
  • There is no “normal” timeline – wherever we are is perfect.
  • Don’t make it wrong to be where we are.