No matter how close or distant we are from our blood relatives, there is a yearning to find “our people”. Those who will understand us, do anything for us, and love us unconditionally. The good news is, we get to CHOOSE OUR FAMILY. With these people, we explore a new way of being. If you feel like you are lacking those relationships, have no fear because they are waiting for you. Keep walking your path, acting on your vision, and they will appear.

Show Notes:

  • The podcast has moved far beyond simply exploring what it means to be a man. It has become about our legacy and the fate of our planet and humanity itself.
  • How Jeddy’s soul and blood family circled around him during his Mom’s battle with cancer.
  • We are never alone, we just might not have found our families yet
  • We get to re-define what community means throughout our lives.
  • Something beyond blood unites us all.
  • The differences between community and tribe.
  • Your tribe will be there for you at anytime of the night, to do anything for you
  • Family are the people in your life that you choose a new way of being with
  • How do we define family? Who are the people that we live for?
  • 30,000 foot perspective – how is your definition of family different when you zoom out?
  • Successful species work together
  • Your family is waiting for you. Once you have the clarity of vision and get further down your path, they will show up.


  • Look at your life, who are the people you call family? They might have recently landed in your life.
  • Did who you call family change when you zoomed out and took the Eagle’s 30,000 feet perspective?