Have you ever been hung up over the “one that got away”, lose a great women, or get stuck in the friend zone? We’ve all been there. The reasons why we miss out on these women boils down to 3 core issues: We aren’t clear on our standards, we lack clarity of vision and purpose, and we don’t fully respect ourselves. If you want to show up as a KING in relationship, then this one’s for you!


Show Notes:


3 Most Common Reasons Why Good Men Lose Great Women

  • Alignment of Standards
    • You must know your non – negotiables and desires, or if you don’t have standards, then that step comes first
    • Have a clear, specific set of intentions around the relationship – Sexual exploration? Kids?
    • Don’t settle and hope someone will fit your standards are later on
    • Ideally you have standards before you begin dating, or early on
  • Clarity of Vision and Purpose
    • What makes you unique? How would someone define you? What are we here to do?
    • Be patient and discover who you are before the relationship.
  • Respect
    • As soon as your woman starts to lose respect for you, the relationship quickly heads South
    • It does not mean always making her happy. Sometimes we need to stand up for our commitments in spite of her protests.
    • “Happy wife, happy life” = Bullshit – We can’t control her emotions nor is people pleasing helpful.
    • There is a shadow side, which is being a jerk about standing up for yourself
    • It is an art form and we will all make mistakes but a Rising Man will navigate these waters and apologize if he is wrong.
  • Bonus Tip: Keep dating your partner or wife. Never forget to surprise her, excite her, and sweep her off her feet. Especially when things start to get comfortable.
  • Take time and write your list of standards and non-negotiables. Give yourself full permission, don’t sell out what matters most.
  • Don’t write standards to fit your current relationship!
  • Could be short – 6-10 things. The length is up to you 

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