There is no doubting the potency of life’s peaks and valleys. These are the epic wins, the crushing defeats, and other defining moments. However, these events are actually quite rare and most of our time and attention is spent on the other 80% of life. The impact that the 80% has on our life is vastly under appreciated. Listen in, learn the secrets, and launch into the New Year with steam!

Key Takeaways and Action Step:


  • Listen in for big news about the Facebook groups and our new affiliation with the Conscious Man Brotherhood
  • Element’s Wilderness Initiation is readily approaching!!! January 18th Ojai, CA !! Links Below
  • The peaks and valleys of life are important, and receive an even larger portion of our attention.
  • Learn to not focus solely on the highest highs and lowest lows.
  • Focus on the other 80% of life.
  • Simple things: driving, cleaning, cooking, errands, phone calls. Important moments that we dismiss too readily as mundane.
  • In those moments, how often do we drift off to another time or into a fantasy?
  • The 80% is ripe with OPPORTUNITY
  • A simple challenge: How are we going to show up in the 80%?
  • The beauty of being grateful for the small, simple things
  • 48 Hour Challenge – hone in on the 80%.
  • Set reminders for yourself and bring the attention back.
  • See how your perception of the daily routine changes

Get hyped for the Elements Initiation! Next one will take place from the 18th to the 20th in January. More info here. 

*-*-*Be on the lookout for Compass – which will be a 4 day 4 night vision quest in CA, sometime after the next Elements event in 2019.*-*-

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