Fresh off co-leading the HAKA event on Muscle Beach earlier this month, our Maori brother from New Zealand, Jamie Schuster, is on the show to impart his wisdom on healing, belonging, and getting support. Only when we are truly behind a mission greater than ourselves will we be prosperous and abundant. When we belong, we tend to act in the best interest of the group. This is a much healthier way of being, as the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Just remember, we all have our place in this grand play and will always belong to spirit.

Show Notes:

  • Come from the heart right away – skip the surface level conversation
  • How can we deepen our reverence for the land?
  • Humans have migrated extensively over the last 200 years, which has lead to a disconnect between the inhabitants and the land.
  • A man has made mistakes, been to dark places, and has developed a power to hold space.
  • The importance of taking time to laugh at ourselves and our situation, especially when things are feeling heavy. 
  • The importance of the HAKA
  • Why the Maori initiate their young men into the ways of a warrior from a young age
  • Initiations lead to a sense of belonging
  • No initiation or teaching will stop us from experiencing challenges.
  • The Western mentality – protect children and loved ones from difficulties. 
  • Jamie’s story about nearly committing suicide
  • Coming face to face with mortality is part of the initiatory process
  • Getting support before we reach the point of suicide.
  • Bringing awareness to how our society treats our elders
  • Our Innate nature is to connect and love
  • The divide and conquer mentality has taken over, but an uprising is happening


Connect with Jamie:

Facebook: Jamie Schuster

Instagram @lifeforce_fit

YouTube: Jamie Schuster – Brotherhood health thru conversation. 


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