RMP 087 - Transforming Emotional Turmoil with Jake Woodard

The state of masculinity is undergoing massive changes, and it’s affecting us all. Today’s guest, Jake Woodard, has faced dark circumstances and grew from them to become a heart centered and responsible man. His work is now dedicated to helping others find their way to the light. We learn about the power of a good cry, how to de-armor our hearts, and why feeling our feelings is vital to emotional health. Remember, almost all of the work we talk about on the podcast needs brotherhood or a space holder, whether that be virtual or physical. If you need help finding support, check the links below!

Show Notes:

  • Courage Embodied – Showing up vulnerably and sharing our truth
  • Why we develop a layer of armor around our hearts
  • If you are not able to allow yourself to be perceived as weak, then you will never be strong.
  • The subtle difference between experiencing depression and BEING depressed 
  • Repressing sadness will lead to greater pain later on.
  • Which one will you choose – the need to be right or the desire to anchor love?
  • Spending any significant amount of time with your family reveals how “woke” you truly are.
  • If you don’t know how to let down your armor, you’ll learn by witnessing others. 
  • The forgotten gifts of breathing and crying
  • By feeling our feelings, we teach others that IT IS OKAY. 
  • No one is going to clap for you after every single positive decision you make 
  • If a father doesn’t slay his dragons, the challenge falls to his son. 


Connect with Jake:

Instagram @_jakewoodard

Awake With Jake Show – Jake’s podcast which is available on all the usual podcasting locations 

Jakewoodard.com for info on retreats, coaching, and link to purchase his book!