RMP 086 - Expressed Men Feel More Confident with Soma Miller

Soma Miller graces us with his presence, along with his expertise in men’s work and integrated conscious leadership. His devotion to serving boys and men is admirable, and his insights are from highly relevant personal experiences. Soma artfully explains many of the major issues men are facing today, and offers solutions. We talk about navigating between feminine & masculine energies, the adolescent traffic jam, and the forgotten masculine value of stillness.

Show Notes:

  • A boy becomes a man when a man is needed
  • The boy constantly compares himself to others while the man stands confidently as who he is
  • Integrating the boy vs. disowning the boy
  • Whether something is a blessing or a curse is determined by how we use it.
  • Were you ever fully allowed to live fully in the boy archetype? 
  • One of the masculine’s gifts is creating structures and containers.
  • Adolescent traffic jam – many grown men have not been initiated into these ways
  • Why we have the natural desire to be right
  • How do we know how much energy to invest in the boy vs. the man.
  • The more awareness we create within ourselves, then the more it shows up in our relationships.
  • Why we need more safe spaces for men to express pain, grief, anger, all of it.


Connect with Soma:

Check out TheEssentialMan.net for event and program details. Next year he will have a membership service so stay tuned

Insta @the.essential.man