Episode 84 - NO MAN HEALS IN ISOLATION with Ben Goresky

Addiction, suicide, and loneliness run rampant in our society. Whether you are currently living in serious pain and suffering, or want to help those in need, this episode is for you. Ben Goresky is an expert in both addiction and men’s work, making this episode invaluable for finding practical solutions to these massive problems. Listen in, as this one covers a lot of ground, including why having a village is vital, how you can always be of service, and what cutting edge addiction research is telling us.

Show Notes:

  • Why the world lacks mature responsible men
  • Leaders eat last – respect the whole tribe’s contributions
  • It’s hard to step into service for your community when you are focused on survival
  • The truth behind the homeless epidemic
  • Addiction is a symptom of disconnection, not a personality flaw
  • The double standard that society treats mental health vs. physical issues
  • We underestimate the power of the programming from our childhood years.
  • Suicide – the thoughts arise when someone is trapped in their pain and doesn’t know how else to get out
  • Addiction experts: Gabor Mate and Johann Hari
  • We can still be a service, despite what difficulties we may be going thru. 
  • The difference between the village and family
  • Staying the same and comfortable is easy. Doing the work is hard, but worth it.
  • “The Boy Crisis” by Warren Farrell and John Gray –  book about what is happening with our young men in this day and age. 


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