Episode 82 - Equitable Systems and Peace for Mankind with Troy Casey

Our guest today is the brilliant Troy Casey, also known as the Certified Health Nut. He takes us on a complete journey – from identifying the debt slave system for what it is, to detailing free ways to radically raise our vibrations. We are all co-creators of this world, and Troy gifts us with his rallying cry to be the change we wish to see in the world. It all starts with getting clean and healthy, so listen in and RISE UP!

Show Notes:

  • A man recognizes his responsibility to his purpose and people
  • Purpose and vision often shift and evolve.
  • Free energy, permaculture, and the gift economy are examples of how this will look. 
  • The importance of raising consciousness and doing real-life ecological work – like planting trees or cleaning the beach
  • Why plastic and fossil fuels are holding humanity back
  • The solutions are here, and we just need to call it forward.
  • YouTube video links – Century of Enslavement: History of the Federal Reserve by James Corbett Micheal Tellinger – A World Without Money
  • If everyone simply took care of their own health, they would raise the frequency of themselves and the planet. 
  • Your consciousness is determined by how healthy you are
  • Troy’s advice for how someone without financial resources can change their lives
  • Figure out what you want, and program your mind to take you in that direction.
  • Mind is an embodied process. Traumas in the mind are elsewhere in the body.
  • Confidence and strength go hand in hand
  • Digital stress – going from interface to interface throughout our day


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Troy is also a cofounder of Man.Tribe 

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