Episode 81 - Gaining the Natural Advantage with Ricardo Sierra

Ricardo Sierra has been a major force over the last 30 years in crafting nature connection journeys. He brings his experiences to the table and offers us wise words for building a more harmonious life. In this episode, Ricardo expertly takes us on a journey into the infinite lessons of Nature – from ceremonies to wilderness immersion. When you are on the side of nature and life, you can’t lose. Claim your natural advantage and RISE UP.

Show Notes:

  • A man is committed to more than just making himself happy.
  • Rite of passage, rituals, ceremonies, and initiations – what are the differences and similarities?
  • How does the lack of initiated elders impact young people?
  • Our world is run by people chasing what THEY want, not what’s best for the community.
  • Entire lineages of ceremony and knowledge can disappear in merely two generations
  • How even a basic wilderness immersion can lead to transformation and growth 
  • Give yourself what you need, your inner foundation comes first
  • Keep a strong connection with Nature – no matter what


Connect With Ricardo Sierra:

Facebook – Ricardo Sierra

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