Episode 80 - Brothers on a Mission with Sacred Sons

The words brother and bro are commonly used, but what does it truly mean to have a band of brothers? How could we shift the planet if all the world’s men recognized their connection to one another? We explore these questions and much more in this dynamic episode. We hit another Rising Man first by hosting THREE guests, as we have the honor of hosting the founders of Sacred Sons – Aubert Bastiat, Adam Jackson, and Jason Mack. 

Show Notes:

  • Becoming a man doesn’t require the annihilation of the boy archetype
  • The boy is best as a passenger along the journey of life, not the driver
  • What does brotherhood mean? You can lean on them, they can lean on you.
  • Has our society lost its sense of comradery? 
  • How are you calling in a brotherhood?
  • A brother has the willingness to “go there” in a respectful, mature way.  
  • How the Sacred Sons formed and details on their vision
  • Present vs. Absent Father 
  • The importance of having a consistent character in our lives to treat us with unconditional acceptance
  • Every man in our life has given us information on how to be a man, even if they show us how not to be.
  • How creating safe space opens up a portal into transformation and healing
  • If not now, then when? If not you, then who?
  • From personal development, to collective development
  • Men’s work is stronger when the various tribes can co-create – one example is the Call of the Wild event where we will perform the HAKA ceremonial dance on Venice Beach on 9/7 the Conscious Man Brotherhood and Sacred Sons, among others. 


Connect With Sacred Sons:

Sacred Son’s Men’s Convergence – back to back weekends 10/11-13 and 10/18-20. Event is in Southern California about an hour outside of San Diego.

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