Episode 78 - Feed What You Believe with Leon Ruri

Back for his second appearance, Leon Ruri comes on today to re-ignite our inner fires. We discuss the sacred Maori dance, called the Haka, and it’s role in helping men fully express themselves. The intentionality behind ceremonies, finding freedom, and leading with love rather than comparison are among the topics in this episode. Leon’s dedication to raising awareness around men’s mental health is highly admirable, and his drive is contagious. May this episode remind you to fiercely and frequently stand up for what you believe in.

Show Notes:

  • Why is it so important that men FULLY express themselves? 
  • Society wants men to be a lion in many ways, but aren’t comfortable with hearing the roar.
  • There is freedom in IMPERFECTION
  • What is the HAKA really about?
  • The HAKA has been of great cultural importance to the Maori
  • Leon is bringing the HAKA to America (Venice Beach, LA) on September 7th, link below
  • Intention is ultra -important for ceremonies, such as the HAKA. 
  • Cultural Appropriation or Appreciation? How to exchange ideas in a respectful way
  • Does someone have to go to war in order to call themselves a warrior?
  • Why spend energy challenging someone over who they say they are?
  • Why standing for something is stronger than standing against anything


How To Connect With Leon:

Hakaforlife.org – donate, find events, and learn about the mission 

Instagram @leon_ruri

Facebook @Leon Ruri