Episode 77 - Tantric Sex Secrets: Taking Back the Taboo with Nic Warner

What does the word Tantric Sex bring up for you? For me, it elicits wild sexual scenes for those who have mastered certain techniques by training for years. Nic Warner is here to save the day, because Tantra is much simpler than I thought. It can transform intimacy for us all, no matter how much we know about sex. Our sex lives and our personal power are intimately linked, so this episode goes well beyond the bed. Topics that Nic covers include the importance of presence, rewiring our brains after porn abuse, and why ejaculations and orgasms are separate events. 

Show Notes:

  • Why is sex associated with being a self initiation into manhood?
  • How do we teach our children about sex?
  • Porn is an indicator of where we are on our sexual journey
  • If you need porn to be aroused, there is some rewiring work to be done
  • A woman is turned on by presence, not constant movement
  • The importance of self sexual discovery and knowing our bodies
  • Making love for the pleasure of it, without needing orgasm
  • As men we naturally gravitate towards needing an orgasm, ending, or goal
  • Tantra is a Sanskrit words for “to weave”. If tantra was a forest, sex is just a leaf.
  • Ejaculation and orgasm are two separate things
  • The art of semen retention
  • Tantra goes well beyond sex, it is about expanding your whole life
  • You have about 5000 ejaculations worth of jing over your lifetime. 
  • Change your relationship with your sexuality, change your life
  • Being able to control when we ejaculate is not a skill for enlightened masters, we are ALL capable of doing this with a bit of practice and information.


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