RMP 074 - Fathers Invite Others Into Greatness with Kelly Gardner

For our special Father’s Day episode, we have an incredible guest. Kelly Gardner is a story telling legend, Father, and Mancave Coach. We explore fatherhood in all its forms – from parenting children to inspiring the world. The greatest thing we can do for communities is guide with love, rather than control with judgments. Fathers and Leaders invite others into greatness by showing, rather than telling. Grab the staff, and step up into your power because the world needs you!

Show Notes:

  • The special dynamic between father and son
  • We can’t be fully prepared for raising a child.
  • Manhood and boyhood are present energies throughout our lives
  • Our children mirror back our great qualities, but also our shadows.
  • We can’t become a “perfect” parent, but we can be as present as possible and refrain from judgement.
  • The difference between guiding and controlling our children
  • Dealing with other peoples opinions on how we parent
  • Our society vilifies apex predators, even though they are vital parts of the ecosystem.
  • How to embrace the wild energy
  • You don’t have to be a biological father – there are children and other adults who could use this same energy
  • The power of leadership/fatherhood is inviting others into their greatness
  • We ARE our children, parents, ancestors, and future generations.
  • The obstacles present the opportunities


Connect With Kelly:

Facebook: Kelly Gardner

Instagram: WokeAssDad

Check out his work in Mancave (online) and Unleash the Beast(in person)

Kelly supports with Bridge and Bridge Extreme with Preston Smiles and Alexi Panos

Kelly helps entrepreneurs and creatives share their message by teaching them the art of storytelling.