RMP 072 - The Divine Dance of Polarity with Shems Heartwell

There is no correct way to be a man. True maturity is finding your own definition and way to walk the path of manhood. In this episode, you’ll learn that your unique expression is the medicine you have to share with the world. Shems Heartwell brings 18 YEARS of men’s work wisdom to the table, meaning he has lots of goodness to share. Tune in and learn how to stop outsourcing your need for validation, take responsibility for your own hot fire, and find your home masculine/feminine ratio.

Show Notes:

  • How to stop outsourcing our need for validation.
  • Learn how to father ourselves, and then we can provide that for others.
  • It takes a village to raise children, they need a diverse array of influence.
  • Take responsibility for our own hot fire
  • Are women more in tune with what a relationship needs?
  • There is nothing wrong with being more feminine or more masculine.
  • The beauty comes from finding our unique expression.
  • What is the feminine/masculine ratio that feels like home for you?
  • Look at the areas of your life where you complain the most. That is the place where we can step up.
  • How to avoid the comparison trap
  • We don’t need the title of CEO to be a world changing leader.

Connect with Shems Heartwell:

July & September – Men’s Passage Retreat – Sierra Hot Springs

Online course for men – next one begins in October

Website: shemsheartwell.com