RMP 069 - The Heartbeat of Manhood with Jack Star Rubin

Music and self expression are integral aspects to the journey of manhood. Jack Star Rubin’s agonizing wrist injury left him unable to give his gift of music for some time. But, the benefits that he collected thru this trial were momentous. When we hide and suppress parts of ourselves, they will eventually surface and keep confronting us until we learn the lesson. True mastery is being able to stay grateful thru the whole process, even the messy parts. Listen in, and receive wisdom on authentically honoring emotions, giving our unique gift, and overcoming not-enoughness.

Show Notes:

  • Who is the man that I am choosing to be?
  • Learn to listen to your inner authentic voice and take consistent steps to bring that vision into reality
  • Manhood is a practice and a journey, not an endpoint
  • Make your life about what you can give to the world, not what the world can give you
  • The power of Vulnerability and the love we receive when we open up
  • If there is something to learn, whatever challenging circumstance will stick around until we realize and integrate the lesson.
  • Why we rely on identities or stories for validation
  • We can never see the gift if we are solely staring and focusing on life’s hardships
  • What is our unique gift to the world? Often we find it thru challenging experiences.
  • The connection between emotions and physical injuries or illnesses
  • The importance of having a safe space to share our emotions – and why men’s circles can be that space
  • The physical breakdown is often the result of holding stress and trauma for long periods of time. How can we become better listeners and catch the subtle messages?
  • Try being grateful for the hardship while you are in it.
  • Why using “not enough-ness” as a motivation strategy can appear successful but isn’t wise.
  • The magic and potency of creating and deeply moving to music
  • Self-Expression is Self-Love

Connect with Jack Star Rubin:

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