While many believe a life of freedom is one filled with choices, true freedom for a man is a life with only commitments. My dear brother, Phil Gomez, is a living embodiment of a man who lives by his own code and honors his commitments. Back for a 2nd conversation on the podcast, Phil shares his recent discoveries about fatherhood, fathering men, why every man needs to be initiated into manhood, and how a simple life of service is what it’s all about.

Show Notes:

  • How having commitments simplifies life – eliminating choices and creating clarity
  • The transition into fatherhood – how did his expectations match what it’s actually been like to be a daddy
  • Different versions of “providing” for our families – putting the “warrior” mindset on hold when our family needs us
  • “Service comes in many different forms” – answering the call wherever and however it shows up
  • What “fathering” means, and why we can all show up as “fathers” whether or not we have our own children
  • The edgy form of love that only men can express to each other
  • The unique way we can support each other as men, and how years of men’s teams and men’s work has prepared us for marriage, parenthood, and a life of purpose
  • Establishing trust as a prerequisite for holding up an honest mirror
  • Why every man needs to be initiated into adulthood
  • Spending time alone in nature to remove the distractions and external influences so we can discover who we are on an essential level – Vision Quest
  • Walking the path of ceremony and spirit – medicine ceremonies and ancient rituals bringing us deeper into connection with our true selves and all things
  • Healing Lyme’s Disease with plant medicine
  • “Our lives are not our own” – walking the path of service
  • The opportunity for this generation of men to redefine masculinity
  • Overall, some good natured reflection with the man who knows me best


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