RMP 067 - The Vulnerable Knight with Brian Jenkins

Vulnerability and sharing from the heart has been shamed in traditional male culture. In men’s work, the opposite is true. The most respected man is often the one who shares the deepest. It’s the man willing to go “there” – which might be a gut wrenching story from their childhood, or an inadequacy that they feel shame around. Our guest, Brian Jenkins, hits on this topic and others, including emotionally supporting a woman and creating greater intimacy within ourselves.

Show Notes:

  • Even if we have the job, money, or family, doesn’t mean we are fulfilled
  • It takes courage to show true Vulnerability
  • Being softer doesn’t mean we are less masculine
  • Trying to talk logic to a woman to help her “get over” some issue almost NEVER works. Try honoring, loving, complementing, and giving support.
  • If you don’t succeed with your first solution at supporting your woman, try again, but in a different way.
  • How does having greater intimacy and connection with our partners and selves contribute to a more peaceful world?
  • The better we can understand and love ourselves, the more equipped we are to treat others in that way.
  • Show up as your best self regardless of who is watching or what the possible rewards are.
  • For an outsider, inner child work sounds lame and cheesy. Brian highlights the importance and hidden lessons that come from allowing ourselves to go there.
  • The man who goes the deepest is often the most highly respected

How to find Brian:

Instagram @mrbjenkins