We live in a world where everyone is emulating someone else, but a self mastered man OWNS his signature style. When we are fully aligned with our soul’s purpose, we invoke respect thru a style that compliments our energy. Today our guest is Jose Alejandro, a master storyteller and modern renaissance man. He shares his insights on finding our style, the challenges of being an outsider, embracing our dark parts, and dropping the need for external validation.

Show Notes:

  • What is our unique expression and how do we gift that to the world?
  • The challenges of being an outsider
  • The fears that arise as soon as we find success in business or relationship.
  • How to make the shift from seeking external validation to cultivating those feelings by ourselves.
  • We are always projecting some sort of energy outward. The question is, how intentional are we being? Are we in reaction mode?
  • Toeing the line between looking and feeling good vs. being hyper aware and getting caught up in how we appear.
  • We impact the world through our own unique style – we could express ourselves as an athlete, writer, chef, etc.
  • Invoking respect thru a style that compliments our energy
  • How childhood patterns show up later in life
  • Embrace your story and shadow, they make you stronger and more confident
  • We won’t know who our inner man is without looking into our cracks and wounds
  • You can’t rob anyone of their hard lessons
  • Give yourself permission to take a risk. Go explore!

How to find Jose:

Personal Instagram @rjose_alejandro

Purpose-driven brand campaigns @atthe_reflex_media