RMP 063 - The Bold Passage Into Manhood with Mike Bodkin

Rites of Passage, ceremonies, and personal growth programs are not magic bullets for our problems, despite the claims. This counters our societal programming, where the instant gratification mindset is deeply embedded. Our guest today, Mike Bodkin brings to the table 35 years of Rites of Passage work, and lays down the truth about how to best integrate these learning experiences. He reminds us that Manhood is a process. It’s never too late, and no perceived failure is too large to overcome.

Show Notes:

  • A man is not defined by chronological age or the number of risks he has put himself thru.
  • Stepping into Manhood is a process that is entered into voluntarily. It is about self knowledge and recognizing where we are.
  • We claim adulthood, and it rarely leads us directly to bliss.
  • “I do, then I get” – The dangerous mindset that many have towards rites of passage, where people expect to be rewarded immediately after these experiences.
  • Viewing life as a ceremony
  • 3 phases of Rites of Passage – Severance, Threshold or Liminal, Return or Incorporation
  • Severance – getting ready to release old ways and patterns
  • Threshold – you are in dream state, in between old and new worlds. This is the ceremonial period, or the time spent alone.
  • Incorporation – come back into your body and into the world. Often the most challenging.
  • Traditionally you come back with a gift for your community.
  • The big ceremonial experiences are just the beginning of the journey.
  • The experiences are not about us finding enlightenment. They are not magic bullets.
  • You are your medicine, and by walking in your purpose, you heal.
  • The vision quest is a bit different than plant medicines – there is no assistance up the mountain. You must find your own way.
  • Spiritual Tourism – expecting a retreat to change everything immediately
  • Recognize where the wound is, and head right into it with love. That’s where the gold is.
  • How gender fluidity works into this rites of passage work.

How to find Mike:

Wildernessquest.org – info and dates about rites of passage, workshops, and trainings