Episode 060 - The Bird Must Leave the Nest with Maceo Paisley

Learning from our fathers or other male role models is a beautiful experience to have. But, there comes a time in our development where we must leave the nest. To be truly happy, our father’s opinion can’t be the the thing that dictates our decisions. This reclamation of our independence from the Father is a difficult, yet rewarding stage of Manhood. Author and designer Maceo Paisley hits us with wisdom on that topic and others, including the role of violence in masculinity and how to tap into our creativity.

Show Notes:

  • A Man knows he is enough, while a boy is always questioning
  • Manhood is being settled into the person that you are
  • Freedom is equal parts surrender and struggle
  • To be happy, our father’s opinion can’t be the thing that dictates our decisions.
  • It’s one thing to be a GREAT MAN, but a whole new challenge is to RAISE A GREAT MAN.
  • Can you be best friends with your Dad?
  • Maceo’s experience in the Army, and what it taught him about masculinity.
  • There are different systems of value, and you get to choose which one to buy into.
  • Do we have a violent nature?
  • The things we don’t allow ourselves to express, end up exploding out
  • Violence isn’t an emotion, it’s a type of activity.
  • Anger and violence are not synonymous
  • Being violent does not make you more of man.
  • Step out of the paradigm of control, and into creation
  • Harness the power of creativity and DIRECT IT.
  • You don’t need Permission to be great
  • Treat yourself with the respect you want from others


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