Episode 059 - From the Ground Up with Devin Fredericksen

Our intimate connection with Nature and Earth is undeniable, whether you have a more scientific or spiritual approach to life. In our tech crazed world, we often forget this link, and then lose cyclical momentum and wisdom. Our guest is Devin Fredericksen, and thru his ecological understandings, will help us tap back into our natural rhythms. He teaches us why a grounded foundation is vital, the importance of intentional communities, and how to connect with our inner intuition and knowing.

Show Notes:

  • How living in close harmony with nature in Hawaii shaped Devin’s outlook on life.
  • “A Language Older Than Words” – Derrick Jensen
  • Just because men don’t have a moon cycle like women doesn’t mean we are separate from life’s cyclical nature
  • We need to tap out of “go-go-go – do-do-do” mode for a moment to fully hear our inner wisdom and intuition.
  • Taking responsibility for the ourselves and how our actions impact the planet.
  • Are we really destroying the Earth? Is the aggressive approach taken by many environmentalists ultimately helpful?
  • What we do to another, is what we do to ourselves
  • Concentric circles of care – ourselves, people directly around us, then it spirals out to encompass the world.
  • How intentional communities can become part of the solution
  • Why the lack of public communal spaces further divides humanity
  • How is our sexual energy connected to the Earth?
  • Learning how to live with gentle fierceness.


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You can find his full list of offering – including 1on1 coaching, at devinfredericksen.love