“Being able to articulate our internal world and share it with someone else is essential.”

How Well Communicated Conflict Builds Strong Relationships with Jayson Gaddis

There’s no escape – CONFLICT is a part of life! Especially in high stakes relationships, there’s this idea that because there is mutual love, discord won’t arise. Author, relationship expert, father, and husband Jayson Gaddis joins us and shares why there is no summit to relationships – they constantly grow and adversity is part of that. We also cover the hidden cost of containing every emotion, what to do when we feel shut down, and why getting back to our zero point is instrumental to peace. Listen in and learn how to show up more AUTHENTICALLY!


  • [04:15] What qualities do we under cultivate in young men?
  • [07:38] What emotional heavy lifting do men need to do?
  • [14:01] How can you create stability for yourself and those around you?
  • [20:11] Why bottling up and containing every emotion is not a viable long term strategy.
  • [21:29] What do we do when triggered by someone else?
  • [26:50] Why connecting and reaching out is the best thing to do when we are in a contracted, shut down state. 
  • [31:23] Why there’s no summit when it comes to relationships.
  • [34:48] Do you fear speaking your truth?
  • [40:02] Jayson’s proven steps for relating with authenticity and working through adversity.
  • [41:31] Why does Jayson advocate for “getting back to zero”?


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