How Passive Permission Asking Sabotages Epic Sex with Sarrah Rose

“Asking for what you want is SEXY!”

The depth of your procreative masculine essence sets the tone for your WHOLE LIFE, not just your sexual experiences. Sarrah Rose is a men’s coach specialized in tantric activation, sexual healing, and relational mastery. She leads men to re-discover their primal and sacred generative powers, and shares some of her juiciest findings with us today. We also cover how to express desire, why PRESENCE is all-important, and how to overcome sexual shortcomings!


  • How did Sarrah begin teaching tantra?
  • Do both partners need an education in tantra for more enjoyable sex?
  • What’s the first step that men can take to transform their sex lives?
  • Why don’t men talk deeply about sexuality among themselves? 
  • Why intentional competition up-levels ALL involved.
  • How can we take action to heal the collective’s sexual shadow?
  • Can your PRESENCE be healing?
  • What is passive permission asking and how can we kick the habit?
  • Sarrah shares an example of a healthy sharing practice for your relationship.
  • Are pornography and masturbation healthy to engage with?
  • Why sexuality is not confined to the bedroom and affects all areas of your life.
  • What do women need more of from men?

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