“Don’t confuse the destination with the practice”

Equally informed by traditional manhood and Eastern wisdom, Simon Smart is a man committed to the FULL RANGE of masculine expression. As the creator of the Warrior Protocol brand, he’s been training men for over 22 years in leadership, fatherhood, money, and more. In today’s epic conversation, Simon hits home on the makings of a leader, including why fault is the dirtiest F-word, how radical ownership is a game changer, and why Patriarch energy is sorely needed in today’s world. As Simon shares, the more deeply we can understand ourselves, the more powerfully we can show up in service to others. Listen in and deepen your self-discovery journey!


[02:02] Why each man must define manhood for HIMSELF.

[03:55] How Protector, Patriarch, Provider, and Priest archetypes are the foundational elements of masculinity.

[06:53] Why abdicating the throne of leadership causes relationship issues.

[14:04] Is every man built for leadership? What defines a leader?

[22:22] How full waking awareness of one’s own body is vital to connecting to the universe.

[26:56] Why Simon is passionate about teaching men the power of their breath, muscle relaxation, and bioenergetic mastery.

[34:40] Why fathers have a hard time letting go of who they want their sons to be.

[39:48] How taking ULTIMATE RESPONSIBILITY over every single thing in your life will transform it.

[42:23] Why accessing your FULL RANGE of masculinity is more desirable than simply “being more masculine”.


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