“Listen to the ancient voices and go forward with that understanding and respect for who has been here before you.”

Ivan Sawyer Garcia is a man deeply committed to preserving indigenous cultures, values, and ways of life. His passion for ecological preservation and desire to live on a more loving planet is infectious. As a champion of indigenous people, founder of Voices of Amerikua, artist, and activist, Ivan intimately understands the dynamics driving colonialism and patriarchy. We talk about how to shift consciousness, the significance of Turtle Island, and why community oriented living is instrumental for future societal health. 


    • [08:20] Who determines who is a man and who isn’t?
    • [12:30] Do women also have a hand in upholding the patriarchy? 
    • [16:09] How an upbringing in a spiritual and ecologically centered community shaped Ivan.
    • [21:01] Were there downsides to growing up non-traditionally?
    • [27:20] How can we connect the future generations more deeply to nature, art, and community?
    • [30:02] What’s the indigenous significance of Turtle Island (what we call North and South America)?
    • [36:30] How do we move forward from colonialism while avoiding guilt and recognizing historical realities?
    • [39:45] The significance of the sit-in at Standing Rock.
    • [45:11] What aspects of colonialism, racism, and sexism are we subconsciously perpetuating?


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