Honesty & Integrity: Pillars of A Potent Legacy with Efrain Reyes

With every word and action, you contribute to your legacy. Will yours be potent or forgettable? In today’s Fam Life episode, Efrain Reyes shares the secret masculine pillars that will create a rock solid foundation for your family’s future. Efrain is deeply dedicated to bringing harmony and balance to families through his Latino Dad Connection platform. In this episode we cover why men of color face unique challenges, how to take ownership of your family’s situation – good or bad, and how to heal venomous patterns from the past.


  • Why did Efrain decide to support Latino fathers?
  • What unique challenges do fathers of color face?
  • How does intergenerational trauma affect families? 
  • Why immigration can be disruptive to families.
  • How to take ownership over your family’s financial situation.
  • “What do I really want????” – ASK yourself this frequently!
  • Are you fully present when speaking to your partner and children?
  • Why waking up BEFORE your kids can be a huge boost.
  • How can men work through deep seated patterns?
  • Why you are NOT your trauma.

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