“Anger is NOT your enemy”

How many of the world’s problems stem from man’s inability to process emotion? There is an ancient solution to this issue, as our guest Cyrus Henry shares with us today. As a transformational coach, artist, and healer, Cyrus helps men rediscover flow and express emotion. We also cover how the HAKA ceremonial dance can help men, why extreme sadness can be a gift, and how to establish SAFETY for all. 


  • Has your family ever tried to control who you are?
  • Why traumatic patterns are self-replicating.
  • How did the HAKA ceremonial dance impact Cyrus?
  • Why anger is NOT your enemy.
  • How raw emotional expression ultimately allows for safety.
  • What extreme sadness and grief taught both Jeddy and Cyrus about love.
  • What does healthy masculine embodiment look like?
  • The difference between integrity to emotion and to word.

Connect with Cyrus Henry:

Website || Tamataane.com – Retreat upcoming this March in Nicaragua!

Instagram || @thepandashaman