“You will not grow by just listening to the podcast and watching videos, the change will come only by stepping into spaces with other men”

This is your nudge to take the next step and participate – that is where your next level of growth will occur. In community, you’ll discover there are no unique men, our challenges and desires are all the same. In this episode, Jeddy discusses the exciting updates and changes coming to The Rising Man that will continue to set up the next generation of men to lead with heart and purpose. Listen in for Jeddy’s full message on the state of the men’s work movement and ways to get plugged in!


[0:54] The current state of The Rising Man organization

[2:55] The Rising Man Podcast origin story

[8:49] How it took a village to start The Rising Man Podcast

[11:33] “You’re putting a low ceiling on yourself if you decide to grow alone”

[13:26] Jeddy shares a strong and assertive challenge to get you out of your own way

[18:05] What big changes are coming in The Rising Man community 

[21:26] How to get more involved and deepen your connection to brotherhood

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