“The more honest a man is with himself, the more safe he will be for his community.”

Albert Chavez is a living testament to the power of personal transformation and redemption. At 47 he hit rock bottom all alone, with grown children, and a trail of failed relationships. In 2020 he made a life altering decision to rebuild himself into the man and father he knew deep down he needed to be. Through therapy, coaching, and personal training he embarked on a remarkable journey of self discovery. Now his program, “Built Uncommon” helps men wake up to their full potential. In this episode we talk about the spirit of masculinity, how to reinvent yourself later in life, and how to be the man you say you are.


[00:40] Where Albert drew inspiration for his new book. 

[09:01] How Albert went from lazy to disciplined.

[19:35] How do you be who you say you are and raise your personal standards?

[29:03] The true meaning of legacy and how rites of passage helps you clarify your legacy.

[35:05] What impact has Rising Man’s rites of passage experience – Compass – had on Albert’s life?

[40:20] Why everything is repairable – as long as you’re honest and surrender.

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Book on Amazon : https://www.amazon.com/Darkness-Redemption-Journey-Transformation-Self-Mastery/dp/B0CDN7R85Y

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