I really try to protect my soul life so that when I’m sitting in front of somebody they can feel that there is room to move – like running through a garden as opposed to the chaos of a city 

Very few can speak with poetic lucidity like today’s guest Richard Palmer. His curiosity and love for life’s great mysteries are thought provoking and insightful. Richard has been in the masculine brotherhood space for DECADES and has a novel depth to his shares which I’m excited to share with the Rising Man community. Richard’s passion for developing the next generation as a mentor is contagious – listen in and enjoy his sage counsel on Nature Connection, artful living, and elemental ritual.


[07:30] The message and mission of Rising Man.


[11:15] How did Richard begin his poetic journey?


[20:01] When was nature an important part of your life?


[26:30] How to discover your “daemon”. 


[36:06] How to strike the right balance between community and solitude. 


[44:01] A Rumi poem and how Richard defines art


[48:20] The interplay between elements, rituals, and our lives.


[63:05] How do you generally relate to nature and the elements + an oak tree poem. 


[70:05] Living the artful life and the beauty of listening.


[74:30] What is life and death all about?


[79:30] A field full of grandfather’s closing poem. 


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Website: http://www.mentoringthelifeofthesoul.com/Richard-Palmer-Poetry.html

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