“I choose to see Beauty and Divinity in the face of Death and Pain”


Recorded alone in the desert, Shawn Berry shares his heartfelt discoveries from several mortal encounters. Desolation, emptiness, and solitude are not generally promoted as being the source of happiness, but what if their presence is necessary for deeper understanding? Listen in for Shawn’s gratitude filled exploration into the meaning of life, time, and land. 


  • Do you feel more connected or separate with the natural world?
  • What the death of a rabbit taught Shawn about life.
  • Are you realizing the gift that each difficult moment of life has to offer?
  • How time alone in nature leads to a deeper sense of divinity.
  • Can humanity remember how to connect with ancient sentience?
  • What can emptiness and solitude teach us?
  • How awareness and gratitude for the biological world can ease your heart.