Has modern technology severed humanity’s connection with nature? Is there a way to live harmoniously with all sentient beings? Host Shawn Berry tackles these difficult questions and offers hope for a sustainable, communal society. Rites of passage and ceremony have incredibly close connections to the Earth and its cyclical nature, making this topic instrumental to men’s work. Shawn shares his reflections and insights on the meaning of climate change, ritual death, and rites of passage in this comprehensive episode. 


  • Is the phrase “rites of passage” often misused? What does it mean in the context of men’s work?
  • How can you connect more intimately with nature?
  • How did we become so disconnected from the natural world?
  • Did specialization contribute to a compartmentalized society?
  • What are the negative side effects of a technology driven economy?
  • How can we take the positive aspects of the modern world and create a sustainable future?
  • What is a ritual death and rebirth?