We are hyped to introduce our new podcast segment hosted by Phil Gomez – Fam Life! We will be sharing the most crucial principles to creating harmonious relations, synchronous connections, and supportive community while amplifying men of color. This inaugural episode features the epic Darut, who holds inspirational wisdom as an artist, father, and facilitator. Darut hits us with sound guidance on prioritizing love in every interaction, connecting deeply with other men, and overcoming cultural programming.


  • Why showing love in every interaction should be a priority.
  • Are open hearted men stigmatized by mainstream masculine culture?
  • How to experience authentic connection with other men.
  • The unique lessons and insights that come with fatherhood.
  • How have plant medicines impacted Darut’s masculine development?
  • What can you do about undesirable personal traits?
  • “We’re a lot stronger than we think we are” – Darut
  • Are there less men of color in men’s work and plant medicine spaces?
  • How dogmatic, cultural and religious programming keeps men away from the healing path.

Connect with Darut:

Instagram | @negus73

Website | Check out his music “Wadada: The Love Movement”

Transformational Work | JourneySpace.com