“Your life is evidence of your efficacy”

As a long time men’s work practitioner, Anthropologist, Culture Development expert, and entrepreneur, Philip Folsom holds rare, potent insights into what makes an initiated man. Philip’s deep appreciation and studies into masculinity from the mythopoetic lens has given him ultra clear methodology for men to follow. Listen in for his sobering takes, including how to find perspective in the Hero’s Journey, why ownership is the mark of an upstanding man, and how community is central to the initiatory experience.


    • [03:30] Why men are defined by what they do and the ownership they take.
    • [07:45] How young men can remind themselves that the hero’s journey is LONG and WINDING.
    • [14:42] Is patriarchy inherently bad? How Philip’s studies of anthropology informed his views.
    • [20:22] Are humans naturally war-like? Is there a solution?
    • [23:39] What are rites of passage and initiation? What’s the importance?
    • [27:30] How an understanding of short term pleasure vs long term impact is everything in manhood.
    • [31:52] Why there is no initiation without community.
    • [37:31] How sacrificing short term convenience for service shows leadership.
    • [41:23] Why healing must precede initiation.
    • [45:52] What is spiritual bypass and how do men abuse this?
    • [50:45] Why there’s no avoiding discomfort.


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