“Underneath a NO for what you don’t want is a deep YES to what you do want”

“Be The Husband She Brags About” podcast host Mark Usher joins us to deliver CLUTCH guidance for men in sacred union. Mark and Jeddy put mans’ emotional availability and expression under the microscope – how often and deeply should you share your inner experience with your partner? They also address more of life’s tricky questions like why the man is often the last one to know when his relationship is ending, how all core wounds originate from the mother, and what happens when men believe their own BS. Once you listen in and hear his breakdown-to-breakthrough story you’ll understand his passion for helping men!


Find more from Mark Usher on his website and podcast!

Website || https://www.kingsoffreedom.me/

Podcast || https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/be-the-husband-she-brags-about/id1553496062


  • [02:53] Jeddy asks Mark – “What does it mean to be a man”?
  • [06:18] Mark talks about his breakdown and breakthrough story. 
  • [12:11] Why men are in denial in their self scoring of where they are at in life.
  • [19:36] What do you do when you don’t know what to do? 
  • [31:02] Saying NO can also mean a DEEP YES at the same time
  • [41:20] The modern day problem with how men deal with their anger
  • [47:08] Mark talks about the nuances around managing anger and guilt
  • [53:04] What’s the single most Important value to embody as a man?

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