The greatest challenges we face in our lives can either be seen as tragic events or our greatest triumphs. The difference is the stories we tell and how we choose to use our experiences. No one understands this better than this week’s guest, Jeffrey Jordan. From his own turbulent past – a rise to success and the subsequent fall to rock bottom – to the life journeys he has supported for thousands of young men and women, Jeffrey defines his life and the gift he has to give others by two words: Resilience & Grit!

Topics Covered:

  • How a man learns to transform his mistakes into lessons
  • Perspective is everything: are the pieces falling apart or falling TOGETHER?
  • Waiting for the solution to arise without giving up
  • The value of relationships and life experiences over dollars
  • The rise to success during the internet revolution
  • Feeding the monster: behind-the-scenes of wealth
  • What you might be missing before your kingdom crumbles
  • How to always find the LESSON behind every challenge
  • Rising again by starting with the self
  • Transforming yourself by becoming a part of someone else’s transformation
  • Why making it about a higher purpose is the key to service and success
  • What is GRIT? And, what does it look like?
  • The “Quitting Culture” and how it’s impacted our innate drive and motivation
  • Becoming grateful for our challenges
  • How we can leave an impact on the next generation of young leaders

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