We are simply not designed to navigate the trials of life alone, isolated from other men, left to our own devices. The story of the Lone Wolf is fading, and the narrative of the New Warrior is on the rise. Today’s guest, Alex Morrison, speaks about the importance of every man’s unique descent and the opportunity to emerge from the darkness, as well as the importance of growing and learning in a community of men compared to the cost of doing it all by ourselves.

Topics Covered:

  • Taking accountability for our actions as men
  • The prison of living without a purpose
  • The descent of the hero: embarking into the unknown
  • How breakdowns lead to breakthroughs
  • What rock bottoms feels like
  • Identifying the turning point and making the change
  • The New Warrior Training (Mankind Project)
  • Learning to be gentle with yourself
  • Becoming comfortable with the UNcomfortable in order to grow
  • The cost of not having a supportive circle of men around you
  • What is possible when more men find their men’s circle
  • Growing and learning together in a community of men
  • The different definitions of freedom

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