Episode 7: Transforming Your Past into Your Power

One thing that many men don’t realize is that the pain and struggles from our past can be a tremendous source of power. What it comes down to is a choice: will you be a victim of your circumstances OR will you find a way to transform your experiences into gifts. Our guest, Wade Wynn, shares his story of navigating an abusive childhood, wandering to find his sense of purpose and freedom, and finding gratitude for our most challenging experiences.

Topics Covered:

  • The absence of Rites of Passage for boys entering manhood
  • Overcoming trust issues
  • Finding YOUR version of freedom
  • The search for purpose in life
  • Giving yourself permission to be on purpose
  • Recognizing your unique gifts
  • Rising above an abusive past
  • Transforming trauma into service
  • Healing yourself by sharing your story
  • Understanding and navigating shame
  • Finding gratitude for our hard experiences
  • Diving deep with the “5 Why’s”

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