RMP 058 - Sparking the Intentional Fire with Nathaniel Solace

How many times have you made a big shift in your life, only to be overtaken by old bad habits weeks later? One of the reasons this can happen is because we don’t create and follow new high vibe RITUALS. We are all human and have basic functions that we must do daily. These seemingly unimportant moments are a perfect opportunity to embody our new way of living by being INTENTIONAL about every decision and action we take. Remember, THE ALL IS IN THE SMALL.

Show Notes:

  • Allowing life to happen for us, and sticking with that belief when things get inconvenient
  • We all share daily rituals simply by being human. These are the moments to practice being our new selves.
  • Mastery is in the Practice
  • Bringing awareness to the primitive and constant need to compare ourselves to others.
  • Pornography is not evil but it is certainly having an effect on our relationship with sexuality and how we view other people.
  • “Transparency” by Penney Peirce
  • We think of aspects of ourselves as dark or shadow, but then once we explore it, it becomes okay.
  • What is the most consistent practice that you are in engaged with?
  • Start with the basic rituals – do whatever feels good and healthy
  • Whatever you perceive as missing, that is your invitation to bring more of it to the table
  • Bringing intention to EVERYTHING in our lives – what we eat, what engagements we decide to do, how we drive on the road
  • Non – consensual sex in our own minds and fantasies – Did the women consent to you using her image? If not, is that okay?
  • Learning how to express ourselves in all areas of our lives.
  • Do you reactively and instinctively mind fuck every women that you come across?


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