RMP 057 - Stop Trying to Fix Women with The First Queen, Kari Azuma

This is a historic moment for the RMP, as we are joined by our first woman! The guest is none other than Kari Azuma – Jeddy’s wife, powerhouse coach, and global Super-Mom activator.  Safety is an oft-misunderstood concept, especially for men. This episode shines bright light on what safety truly means and how men can provide it. Topics also include how to see our triggers as medicine and the details of why having a child is a life changing event.

Show Notes:

  • Men commit and are their actions, while boys try to appease
  • Men express honor in a special, unique way and live to be of service to their community
  • When not in service, that same energy can be destructive
  • Frustrations of men – they don’t understand the importance of making a woman feel safe.
  • Navigating how to share power in a relationship, especially in the financial arena.
  • How the birth of a child can shift and deepen our masculine or feminine nature.
  • What do women confront in order to truly trust a man?
  • The triggers and obstacles are often the medicine we need
  • How the transformation and feminist movement of the 60’s swung to the extreme opposite pole, into hyper masculinity.
  • It’s not about forcing a feeling of safety, but holding space calmly.
  • Men invite women into safety. It can be words but often it’s thru non-verbal communication.
  • Reminder that all this masculine/feminine and relationship talk is also relevant within ourselves.
  • Oftentimes our first instinct is to try to fix our partner and their emotions. Try being with the emotions by listening
  • There are resources for women to be with other women, because men cannot understand everything, especially with the transition into motherhood.
  • Advice from younger self: You don’t have to accomplish it all so quickly, slow down.

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