RMP 056 - Discover the Brothers You Never Knew You Had with Blase Grinner

What thoughts and judgments arose the first time you heard of men’s circles? There is probably a wide range of reactions, though thinking of them as some sort of lame, religious or new age quackery are common. That couldn’t be further from the truth, as you’ll hear the deep, amazing life turn around our guest, Blase Grinner, underwent after discovering this type of work. Overcoming stigmas, standing in your truth, and learning how to call another man forward with honor and love are a few of today’s topics.

Show Notes:

  • What it’s like as a beginner to men’s work
  • How to sit in the uncomfortability of witnessing men confront each other about their bullshit.
  • Two men can be in their truth, and those truths may not agree.
  • How to disagree with honor
  • Overcoming the stigma around fully expressing yourself – being called aggressive, gay, too much, etc.
  • Standing in truth despite what the world and other people throw at you.
  • How to find the confidence – circle up with men, participate in workshops that push comfort zones
  • The secrets to overcoming people pleasing, both with strangers and within our closest circles.
  • Calling men forward can be an expression of unconditional love if done properly.
  • It all comes back to communication – it’s the mechanism to how we feel safety.
  • A boy looks and searches for a way to stand on his own two feet, and a man just does it.

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