Episode 55 - Embracing the Hidden Heart of Darkness with Adam Rubin

Forget everything you thought you knew about dark night of soul experiences, because our guest Adam Rubin is going to blow your heart and mind wide open. Our ego’s are constantly on guard for anything inconvenient or uncomfortable, but there is another lens with which we can see these experiences. Adam shares from his stockpile of wisdom, and explains how embracing the heart of darkness led him to become an embodied, compassionate man.

Show Notes:

  • How responsible are we willing to be to care of our community?
  • The importance of holding ourselves as a father, whether we have biological children or not.
  • Being a Man requires shifting focus to taking care of others rather than being taken care of.
  • Are we as committed to holding space for ourselves as we are for others?
  • Where should a man go to get taken care of?
  • When I am safe, I can share myself and allow love to flow in & out.
  • Adam talks about the massive backlash he garnered in response to one of his blog posts, and the amazing lessons he received from the experience.
  • Reasons why the light worker or anyone who is fully authentically radically expressing is persecuted. 
  • Stepping into our messiness, rather than avoiding it, is a power move
  • Why we go through “dark nights of the soul”
  • Why we either aggrandize our pain or completely dismiss it.
  • Respect the fact that an event was traumatic for you, there is no need to compare our stories.
  • We are highly impressionable from the ones we love.
  • Life is happening for us, not to us.
  • We are actually waiting and anticipating these dark moments in order to transform and grow.
  • What is Fear?

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